24 Sep

Seven Wonders by Adam Christopher

sevenwondersAt its foundation, this is a story with a lot of really interesting ideas—particularly those to do with the symbiotic roles of superhero and supervillain, and the sometimes fine line between them—but in execution it’s kind of a big ol’ mess. The novel that’s described in the summary only lasts for maybe the first quarter of the book then it veers off into several other directions, often without much sense or transition, and most of the characters are simultaneously unlikeable and lacking any depth; the members of the Seven Wonders themselves could almost be interchangeable but for their powers.

There are also some delightful bits, like the enumeration of the remaining superheroes on the planet, but they also don’t fit (especially considering what happens following their introduction). It wants to be fun, thoughtful and dark, and doesn’t entirely succeed at any of them.